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Intuition, Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena
Code Name Price Description  
00101 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
The Power Of Intuition
$11.95 Anne and Jim relate the story of Anne's stormy transpersonal crisis. She explains this was a transformational process from which emerged her direct experience of truth and her last 30 years of work as a psychic. - 1987 Esalen - One Audiotape
00102 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
On Being A Psychic
$11.95 A personable and informative account about her psychic abilities. Armstrong describes how she first discovered her powers, her problems in learning to use them, and their changing character as they continued to emerge. - 1971 Uc Davis - One Audiotape
00103 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
Psychic Training Program
$18.95 The Armstrongs present exercises and training to teach us to trust the intuitive input we normally receive and to identify and recognize our own style of receiving it. - 1981 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
03201 Hastings, Arthur and Jim Fadiman
Psychedelics and Paranormal Psychology
$11.95 Fadiman and Hastings, also a transpersonal psychologist, speaks on the subject of whether the use of psychedelics enhances certain kinds of paranormal phenomena and psychic facilitation. - 1971 Uc Davis - One Audiotape
03701 Krippner, Stanley
Communes, Telepathy and Dreams
$11.95 Krippner discusses his labortory research of telepathic communication in dreams, and in his research on communes, where he found an unusually high occurance of paranormal phenomema where there was group intimacy and communal rites. - 1971 Uc Davis - One Audiotape
05201 Tart, Charles
Our Fears Of Psychic Abilities
$11.95 Tart describes his own personal fears and draws from survey data researching ordinary people and those with developed - 1984 Esalen - One Audiotape
05202 Tart, Charles
On The Paranormal
$11.95 Tart describes experiments he and others have conducted in the areas of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. He discusses how ESP abilities can be trained and how experimenters' beliefs influence results. - 1971 Esalen - One Audiotape
05205 Tart, Charles
Out Of The Body Experiences
$11.95 With entertaining case-studies and anecdotes, parapsychology researcher Tart brings to the topic depth and rigor as well as humor. (Originally presented with slides.) - 1970 Davis, Ca - One Audiotape
08101 Tiller, William
Radionics, Radiesthesia And Physics
$11.95 Tiller presents a theory of the relationship of mind and matter which extrapolates from present knowledge about physics and takes into account previously inexplicable facts about psychic healing. He speaks of how different energy fields can be influenced by the agency of the mind, eventually causing specific changes in the energy patterns and atomic reorganization of the physical level of substance. - 1971 Cupertino, Ca - One Audiotape
08602 Palmer, Helen
Enneagram and Placement Of Attention
$11.95 Palmer discusses the inner placement of attention of the Enneagram, the preoccupation of mind and heart. By following specific placement of attention, we can move from one dimension of experience to another, we can leave our own personality behind and move into the dimensions of the inner life. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08603 Palmer, Helen
Psychic Aspects Of Intuition
$11.95 Palmer explores the systematic development of intuition and its many advantages for vastly improving contact with other people. The development of intuition thus becomes a staging ground for moving into the many other worlds of experience. - 1991 Esalen - One Audiotape
08604 Palmer, Helen
Advance Intuition Training
$18.95 When you perceive information beyond the boundaries of personal thoughts and emotions, beyond the thinking/feeling life, your intuition is at work. Here Palmer presents her perspective on training for the development of intuition, and teaches the practices that support that frame of mind. - 1991 Esalen - Two Audiotapes
08605 Palmer, Helen, Charles Tart and Arthur Hastings
On Channeling
$56.95 Channeling is now a major phenomenon in our culture - there seem to be some very good things in it, there seems to be a whole lot of crap in it, and by looking at it from a diversity of views we may understand more about how an individual can make better use of channeling, perhaps how as a society we can make better use of it -Charles Tart. The panel, all respected teachers and researchers on the many dimensions of psychic phenomena, are joined by two channelers who present themselves and their beings for questioning. Essential material for anyone interested in the subject. - 1988 Esalen - Six Audiotapes
12101 Emmanuel
Emmanuel Speaks At Poulstone Court, England
$18.95 Rodegast has channeled Emmanuel's wisdom for the last 20 years to audiences all over the world. Ram Dass says of his experience of Emmanuel, He is an adopted special uncle of mine of whom I am inordinately fond. I find that Emmanuel's words deepen my faith in the spiritual dimensions of life - 1995 England - Two Audiotapes
38605 Palmer, Helen
Psychic Opening
$11.95 Palmer's early experiences with spontaneous clairvoyance, with accounts of the practices that stabilized her access to that state of mind. - 1988 Berkekey, Ca - One Audiotape
38606 Palmer, Helen
Intuition Training
$18.95 This lecture details the placement of intuition; the capacities of the inner observer; and discrimination between projections and accurate intuitive impressions. - 1990 Berkeley, Ca - Two Audiotapes
38607 Palmer, Helen
Intuition In The Clinical Setting
$26.95 Palmer discusses applying the practices of sacred traditions to the therapist's task of forming a reliable intuitive connection with clients. - 1987 San Francisco - Three Audiotapes
38608 Palmer, Helen
3 Gates To Intuition - Head, Belly and Heart
$26.95 The traditional paths of seeing, sensing, and feeling can each provide access to intuitive states. Palmer explores their qualities and looks at ways of discriminating between personal projections and genuine intuitive impressions. - 1988 Orienda, Ca - Three Audiotapes
38610 Palmer, Helen
Nine Points Of View On Intuition
$11.95 This talk describes internal attention practices that help uncover the intuitive predispositions of the Enneagram personality types. - 1990 Berkeley, Ca - One Audiotape
AA001 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
Go Within For Your Master
$11.95 We need but go within the silence of our own being to obtain all the wisdom and knowledge we need for our own enlightenment, for the wisest teacher of the universe resides there. - - One Audiotape
AA002 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
Contacting The Repository
$11.95 This meditation guides the student to the limitless cosmic repositories of knowledge and wisdom drawn upon knowingly or unknowingly by creative geniuses throughout the ages. - - One Audiotape
AA004 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
Meditation Training
$65.95 This set of six tapes contains lecture meditations of esoteric wisdom for spiritual development. This wisdom was intuitively received by Anne and these meditations have been used in the Armstrongs' workshops for the last 25 years. - - Six Audiotapes
AA005 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
At Feet Of Master
$11.95 Anne speaks about the struggle between setting ourselves apart from the world as spiritual seekers and being in the physical material world. - - One Audiotape
AA103 Armstrong, Ann and Jim
The Fetus and The Incoming Spirit
$11.95 This lecture by Anne deals with the mental and spiritual preparation of the parents prior to conception and through birth. Much of the discourse is from the standpoint of the incoming spirit that is choosing to leave the Home of Mother-Father God and again take up residence in a physical body. - - One Audiotape
WP002 Palmer, Wendy
The Intuitive Body (Book)
$13.95 This remarkable book illuminates simple exercises that provide direct access to the innate sanity, balance and clarity we are all capable of. Opening it at any page is like meeting a teacher who recognizes you and within moments points out a simple, specific method by which your consciousness is transformed. Reading the whole book and integrating the exercisizes into your daily routine could make a lasting difference in the way you see the world and live your life. "The Intuitive Body is by no means just for martial artists, but rather for all those who want to rediscover, in her own words, a part of ourselves that is wise, kind, and capable of clear and powerful embodied action." Gearge Leonard - - One BOOK